TV 2

close to the end

after showing the stuff in last weeks class to the other people from the class, we as the group saw for the first time the stuff from the totally b... weiterlesen

cat3: playing with cards

written on thursday 2am - posted today okay - its late and physically in my bed but my flatmate is coughing since she is bak from sydney. so th... weiterlesen

cat5: it takes me ages to ...

good old camberwell. this could be probably one of the first weeks i didn´´t have to finish my drinks on saturday at 12am because i have to go ou... weiterlesen

cat3 - the diffrent angle

today we watched the footage from alll five taps. quit of interesting, how our character changed hisself during the docu. i remember when i first... weiterlesen

cat5 - century of pictures

100 years of ohotography in THE AGE during this weekend i spend most of the time a home watching movies from the digi dossier from the libary or... weiterlesen

cat4 - blog comments

today in david´s tutorial, we looked at the blogs from all of us in the group. but only the guys which are there in person: kay, wong and m... weiterlesen

its all about love

Connected to Pauls lecture on Monday Hellboy2 The Golden Army After satisfying fans of the comic book with the first film, “Hellboy,” write... weiterlesen

Cardboard Box Pride

yesterday, after two bottles of wine i decided to go to theater - what a amazing evening. or you can call it the "drug, sex and rockn roll" day ... weiterlesen

interview 2


New documentary assured of cult following

Melbourne filmmaker Luke Walker spend 6 months in a cult for his latest documentation. Beyound our ken, about Australias controversial Kenja... weiterlesen


the idea of this exercice was tho show the two girls from different views. so i tried to show a huge perspective of the different poss... weiterlesen

kick off

happy hippo sunday in melbourne and i was on the way at 9am to have another date with elvis. yes! u right. elvis is still alive! but he chanched... weiterlesen

shine a light - review

when you’ve been around as long as the rolling stones have, you deserve a little bit of respect. after more than forty years of being one of the bi... weiterlesen

how martin scorsese changed the world ..

martin scorsese has been acknowledged as the greatest american filmmaker of his generation. the evidence of this critical acclaim is abundant. his ... weiterlesen

a life in a day

today its all about the idea - and thats my version: possible scenes: - a fan during a Footy day - a pastor who´s working with homeless peop... weiterlesen