Largest HD outside broadcast van in Southern Hemisphere

zer01zer0 has commissioned Sony Australia to build two high definition outside broadcast vehicles to keep up with the growing demand for coverage of sport, music and special events in HD. This strategic decision by zer01zer0 will provide them with a leading edge, taking advantage of the latest available HD technology from Sony.

The addition of two HD outside broadcast vans (OB), alongside their recently upgraded SD van, will make zer01zer0 a formidable player in the outside broadcast facilities industry. This will provide them with new found flexibility that will allow them to take on large contracts that demand Australia-wide coverage.

"The commitment to move towards HD at zerO1zerO has been in the pipeline for some time. We have seen the uptake of HD in Australia continue to increase rapidly and decided that the time is now right to move to this format. Sport in particular has been a driving force in this uptake and outside broadcast facilities are being demanded more and more," said Alan Ferguson General Manager of zer01zer0.

Aptly named HD1, the first of zer01zer0's HD OB's, will be one of largest OB vehicles ever built in the southern hemisphere. The truck is a triple expanding trailer specifically designed for complex sporting OB's, international music videos and premier television event productions.

HD2 on the other hand is a rigid vehicle and will be a good all round work-horse for both SD and HD television sports production. Sony Australia has been commissioned to design and system integrate both of the new OB vehicles.

"Once we had made the decision to build these new HD equipped vehicles, the next major decision was choosing which equipment to purchase. We didn't have to think twice about it, we chose Sony," explained Ferguson.

"While Sony will be responsible for overseeing the project build they will be working very closely with our OB department, headed by Andries Theron. We have really enjoyed a long relationship with Sony and it's their understanding of our work ethic and attention to detail that has always been appreciated by our company," continued Ferguson.

The OB vans will make use of a range of Sony's leading edge HD production equipment, including HDC-1500 and HDC-3300 cameras, MVS-8000G production switcher and the latest LUMA professional monitors.

zer01zer0 chose Sony's HDC-1500 multiformat camera for its versatility and proven performance, as evidenced by this camera becoming the defacto industry standard for HD studio and OB requirements.

The world renowned HDC-3300 super slow motion camera will also be put to use - the only camera that can output full-resolution 1920 x 1080 HD images with three times the normal frame rate.

Switching and effects will be handled by the production tool of choice, Sony's MVS-8000G multiformat switcher system in 4M/E configuration. This is the latest in the MVS-8000 Series, which is being used in virtually all the leading OB companies in Australia; as well as facilities around the world including the BBC, and NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox in the United States.

Sony's LUMA professional LCD monitors will range in size and be used in the production and engineering areas. These monitors offer high grade image quality and colour consistency, a flexible choice of input signals and the ability for up to 32 screens to be controlled via Ethernet.

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