burglary: all my things are stolen

if you watching CSI each day than read this , beacuse this is real CSI.

anything strated that i packed my backpack with my lmac and some other thing for the uni last thursday the 23th. on this evening another studio A production is going on air, so i decided to work for the uni on friday and i leaved my stuff back in the house.
as i camed back in the night everything looked great (accapt me becuse i was drunken). on the next day, dee was leaving the house early in the morning, i was on the way to the uni and was searching for my back. but i heavend found it. than dee was comming arround and asked me if i was very drunken last night because the door was open and also the door from the backyard. and i said now but my bag is missing with the mac and some documents.
after i realized whats happend i went to the police station in flemmington and told the story. back at home a detective camed arround and was looking for some fingerprints but he hasend found one.
so the last days i organized some things taht i get my stuff back. orderd new tan numbers in germany and also i was looking on ebay because probably they put the mac into the platform.
as the result of burglary i created a flyer that i placed at the safeway supermarket at newmarket plaza. the flyer containd details of the property that was stolen from my home, also my name and the mobile number.

at about 3pm today i received a phone call on my mobile from an anonym user. the male told me that he was sitting in the newmarket pub on thursday and he was offerd a laptop and a black bag for 300$au from a friend of his he also told me that he had nothing to do with this thing

a few minutes later he called me again and told me that he had the bag and he wanted 2000$au from me. he told me if i want to have my stuff back i should go to the glenroy station which is based in the north of kensington, 5 stations away.during this time i was at bundoora to work on the formula H project togehther with thomas, manne and patrick.
so i decided to pick up the money and give it to him beacause i want to have the fucking stuff back.

but patrcik and also dees dad called me and i decided to go to the police station at moonee ponds. i had a conversation with detective s. raid
about the received phone calls.
duriong the time at the police station the male rang a number of times and requesting that we meet and the exchange could occur. the male sounded not australian. he rang more times and i always put the speackers on because i couldnt understand what he was saying to me.

so the police organized a couple of civil members and i and two officers went with the train and the other where waiting at the train station. he told me that he wear an canadian shirt.

after we arrived at the train station i was walking arround and was searching for the guy but i havent seen him. than he was giving me another call and told me that he passes me and i should follow him. he passed so i was walking a couple of meters behind him than he asked if im michael and the german guy and after i camed closer he said screamd
move away move away.
behind me one of the police man was following him and he probably reconized him. so he was running away.

15 minutes later he was calling me again and asked where i am.
i was sitting in the police car so i told him im in the safeway. he said i should go to the tab which is gamble hall and put the meanwhile 1000$au
on an account an he has given me also his pin number.
so went in to the tab store and always the i think 7 officers arrund but the changed all the time so i couldnt focused on one.
i asked the madam behind the desk what would happend if i put the mony on the account and whant to have the money back. she told me thats not possible. so i decided to put jaust 1$au on the account but the account was closed. so nothing happend.

a few minutes later he called me again and he told me this was just a test to see if they can trust me. and the first time i heard some other voices in the back and this was the first time as well i thought it was a good idea to contact the police. he called me once more and gave me other account dates and another pin.
during this time the chief was calling the tab network to get the name of the cardholder but this tab asholes havend belive the officer because he hasent rung from the station, he has rung from a mobile.

so the thing was to say i am german and i have no idea how the system is working. but i decided thats a very dump idea beacuse it worked before on the test. and if the money is on his account, he will walked into the room and put my bag on a chair and leave the room. so i thought somebody is sitting there and is watching me so i talked to the desk person one more time and asked if the new account number is working that he gave it to me. and yes she was working and i walked away. a few minutes later he was calling me again and he was asking why i havent put the money on the account because the girl also told me you can se the balance on the internet as well.
than i started with the german idea so i have now idea bla bla bla.
he started talking to me like i living a long time in this country and i know whats going on and i have freinds and im a professional.
i wasnt really scared because if you probably know me i answered like:
come u are a fucking looser not more, motherfucker, u said we should akted like a man and you shithead puts your fuckin gamble ass in thsi situation. than i stoped the call.

i was pretty sure that he would call me back. and this happend after 1 minute. and he said i should go to the car park behind the commonwelth bank there is a blue van. but there wasnt. he called back and i said to him there is now van, than he was talking to his other ashole freinds in the back and the last thing what ive heard was ... whats going on ..

i was sitting at the carpark another 20 minutes after the police decided to stop this for today. we went back to the station and i was writing an statment.

28.10.08 13:27

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