cat3: playing with cards

written on thursday 2am - posted today

okay - its late and physically in my bed but my flatmate is coughing since
she is bak from sydney. so there is a lot of time to think about the next
steps in the process of developing a good storyline in our docu project.
as david sad on monday sometimes you have to "find the story" in your
stuff. but ourself and some other put a little pressure on us because
everyone who saw the footage said whe have so much better stuff than
the other or we (depends on the conversation).
and to put it all together that we can find a excellet way to involved
the viewer in our story, that he dosn´t think after 3 minutes - thank
god there are only 7 minutes left.
but how to organized the massive footage that all the parts, the funny,
the worst, the sensitive and the ordanarie find all together ?
as david visit us n the edit suite (thomas and i was back from the 2
whopper for one whopper day at hungry jacks - its all about healthy food) to find a good line to tell the story and that the stuff did not become a disaster because with 5 tapes you can easily cut 20 diffrent angels to show the person, we should split off the whole scene into little pieces and write down the facst on cards and than work like a puzzle.
i know this system during the formula mundi project in hall for the documentry festival. but we used this system to find good ideas for an trailer and probably the trailer was ood, so to work with the cards
could once be onec more the right thing in the right moment.
if you really can iimmagine - fifve taps, full with stuff about the market
and about a personal story - damm we need more paper.

as we was sitting in the edit suit on wed, it takes us ages to find a key
word. its finally accaptance.
and know? same idea like in newsline with brian? when the vision fits togehter with the audio - than its high class television.
so in the elvis case if he talks about the batterie
(do you ever give up? now!) we show some stuff with the batterie and than he talked as an homer simpsons character hen he was collecting al the gummi homers out of his box, which reminds me of my younger ages arround five all my stuff collected in boxes. ts like a reprise
of my life. in in the deepest turns and dimenssions of my head i want to have theses stuff especially the ran and stimpy stuff.
how cool is that ?

i don´t want to have nightmares about the fact that this footage
we filmed and now we putting together, is worster than the really
stuff we had. its just a illusion but its still in my background.
5 tapes - 20 different versions - hopfully all good things come to an end

2.10.08 10:51

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