cat5: it takes me ages to ...

good old camberwell. this could be probably one of the first weeks
i didn´´t have to finish my drinks on saturday at 12am because
i have to go out in the morging at 8 to catch the train and the tram to
east melbourne. thanks god!

but i like the atmosphere at the market. ist like a simple market in
germany, but we call it "flohmarkt". of for traditionals ebay without an
computer. its the old style, touch it before you discuss about the price.
and in the middle of te market some guys singing songs about the
life, the sun and about elvis.
i thought at the beginning of the project reflectiong the old stuff what we have done before in schwäbisch hall or in any other time with any other project, we go to the market, talk to the guys and after the words documentry, television and students everybody wants to be in there and stoped talking aslong the camera is sill roling. but not
in camberwell. at the beginning i remember we we arrived at the market and the charakter who has been there for mor the 20 years, is kicked off the market. and when we was asking the guys from the rotary club, everybody whants to talk about the sunny side but there stoped talking as we asking questions about the dark side. especially in our case with elvis.
i remmeber there was a point who i thought, if this the right guy to makea story, docu or should we call it al lifetime story?
after i saw once again all the bits from the taps during we captured
it - its defintly worth it.

2.10.08 09:56

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