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100 years of ohotography in THE AGE

during this weekend i spend most of the time a home watching movies from the digi dossier from the libary or some snips from the internet.
but this entry is not about on of this dossier stuff.
its about the free dvd from THE AGE on saturday.
the dvd, in cooperation with abc and fairfax photos shows a huge
connection whats happend in the last 100 years in australia.
for me as an visitor i think i should also deal with this stuff and on the
other side, for me as an docu student, i should invest the 2,10 au$ to
get acces to the history of such a fantastic land.
the docu strats with the main menu which is called "captured in time".
narrated by best selling history author peter fitz simons.
segments include australians at war and the photographers who
covered the action, the disappearancce of azaria, the trubble years with
an prime minister, and an imigrated slowenia boy in the age of 18,
who worked at the snowy mountains scheme.

the dvd is full with high quality pictures and sometimes they took
pictures in a hugh impressiv atmosphear.
when i organized my stuff for the weekend or to some special places,
my eos camera is also a part of the baggage like the mobile phone or
the new socks for the next day. and if you just walk arround and let al
the stuff come together in your head, sometimes you can caputre the
moment in your photo too.
but this is an amateur thing
these guys where embadded in the first and second war, in iraq or in korea. its not just a moment where the camera is close to the next
day socks. its sometimes a moment from a angle of a differnt view,
you can not capture in your mind.
and when i think of ur docu stuff what we actually are doing,
its sometimes more than on of these sequenz, which you put together weeks ater shooting and frame by frame gets together in final cut
and in the end we show something we never expected or simply
we caputered a sequenz from anybodys life and make the anybody
to "the elvis guy" and than the photo (frame) has a name and a story.
it is not just a picture, it is not just a interview. its a special mood.
and sometimes - its history

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