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today in david´s tutorial, we looked at the blogs from all of us in the group. but only the guys which are there in person: kay, wong and myself. it´s probably easy for the other students in the tv2 class to write down the special thinkings and and the development of the project because the other boys and girls (not all) are native speakers. the one of the bigest hurdles is also the writing skills in different languages.

but thanks to david that he doesn´t count the grammer for me it´s much easier to write down the stuff from our documentry staff that we´ve done thelast days and weeks. and probably its become better and better.

sometimes its not a desicion what should i write or in which kind of way, it´s more that the assigment criteria says i should do this. and dont get wrong with my words and stuff - i mean i write this blog such a long time and everday some mate is klickin on it and probably read the stuff and the grap what im writing.
so the feedback what has to be in the blog and to work more on the special stuff was really great. in this kind of process to develop the perfect docu stuff and to deal with problems and the good ideas. hopefully i look back to this blog in a few months or years and i can read whats happend in australia and who i solved this in combination with asking paul or david. i mean there is no such of this way in germany or in hall. probably in the other universitys but not in hall.
sometimes i think everthing is complete different and im a student in a development system that really needs to be fixed.
yesterday i was sitting in the in my room in front of the mac and i also was reading in the dossier for tv2 the intervie with davide rouke. (more about this the next days) and the first time in 5 semesters i really understand to deal with printing and stuff from the lecture. because i hink the way here its much better. whats happend when you visit the documentry lessons with guido kühn or the others? there is not a really god respons on the work u have done.

but anywhere. sometimes you deal with hell - and sometimes with the people who wnats to be there ...

17.9.08 11:45

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