the idea of this exercice was tho show the two girls from different views.
so i tried to show a huge perspective of the different possibilities.
the arround shot is not very stabil because we only used the hands so no
dollys and now tripods.
in interviews for docus depends it on the subject if its usefull to se an tripod or not. sometimes the different angle in the point of using hands
allows more action as the possibillity the talent is moving away or
what we used in our docu a walked throu the market.

i also edited the stutt and in the process when i saw the tape for the first time again, it was only a chat about some useless things.
so to put the chat and the conversation in a interesting view, i decided to change the topic and used the main conversation in the 13 minute tape about the marriage and the the background.

8.9.08 04:55

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