shine a light - review

when you’ve been around as long as the rolling stones have, you deserve a little bit of respect. after more than forty years of being one of the biggest bands on the scene, these british have gotten to the level of super stardom that makes them household names across the entire globe.
there are not many people who haven’t heard of their name and legacy.

therefore, it is only fitting that one of the worlds greatest, and most widely acclaimed film directors, martin scorsese, would turn a camera onto their career, as he recently did.

at september 21, 2007, the finished product was released to the masses. this film follows his bob dylan documentary, no direction home.

what is interesting about this film, besides the rolling stones themselves, is the fact that scorsese spends less time rehashing the golden years than one would expect. most of the film is centered around the two biggest dates in the rolling stones’ last tour, the "a bigger bang tour". these two dates took place at the city beacon theatre in new york city, on october 29th and november 1st of 2006. these shows were, in part, thrown to celebrate ex-president bill clinton’s birthday, as well as for the express purpose of making scads and scads on money.

these performances are back dropped with historical footage and a documentation of the bands beginnings and steady climb upwards into rock god status. backstage antics, interviews and old concert footage will help to flesh their story out, and hopefully wont make them look as old as they, in actuality, are.

this film is fantastic, it includes the talent of some of the best crew members in the industry, as could only be expected of scorsese. robert richardson, who won an oscar award, and was the cinematographer for jfk and the aviator, amongst others, is involved as wall as several other big names.

this could be the best rolling stones documentary that will be ever released.

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