a life in a day

today its all about the idea - and thats my version:

possible scenes:
- a fan during a Footy day
- a pastor who´s working with homeless people
- a family which is wating for her new child
- talk with persons on the airport, whats happend in thier future
- a drug addicted who wants to be alive

„ A life in a Day“ is a documentary who shows a normal life during
the period of a day. Whats happend with the people during this
special day? Are they become nervous about the things
which can possibly happend and you are there with the camera?
How they organized they life and how the worked togehter in this
sociaty. Can we see as an observer what they really thinking or
there are only good actors in the „Life Show“, Whats about
humanity? Whats happend if you ask the social critically questions?
The documentary isnt an instrument that seperate the people into
the good ones and into the bad ones. Also shouldnt the
documentary work as an reality TV show like Big Brother.
The documentary in this case could use as a tool for whats
possible and also what could happend if the
person do this or this. In the pastor case, it is also possible that
the people, who watching the documentary can be inspired to do
also this volunteer stuff and helping other people, In different cases,
why people do this stuff what they actually do and if its possible
that the change their life and do something complete different?

typical scene: (case Footy)
the alarm clock is ringing, see the people is turning arround, wake
up in rip shorts,taking the bathrobe, walk into the kitchen, haveing
coffee, cigaretts, beer, gotta call from freinds, meeting up to do
start drinking, talking about Footy, about the last games, dressing
in the club colours, tram to the stadium, buying some things,
watching the game, see emotional things, celebraiting the victory
or the lose, eventualy party in the pub, tram back home,
discuss the game, resume, bedtime

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