close to the end

after showing the stuff in last weeks class to the other people from the class, we as the group saw for the first time the stuff from the totally beginning. the editing we started 2-3 weeks ago is know in this quality that we decided to putt as much as possible things in teh raff cut.
and know 2-3 weeks with al little distance most of the things are still awsome, but the problem that we saw and was david told us is
that a few scenes a still to long and the viewer gets bored.
thank god its the raff cut ^^
during the last week it was the discussion about what has to cut off and what is still the point that is importand for our story.
with editing there is still the problem of 10 different cutter and you see 10 different versions. how awsome would it be to have this time and we can organized 10 cutters for our project? anywhere ...
that last couple of days we discussed about whats in and whats out.
we have some stuff in the begining who brandon talks like a personater in the jacky chan version about his films, he show us the astro boy box that he bought a few years ago. and once more he changed his voice into the homer simpsons character. or as he shows us the ran and stimpy pets.

but on of our angles was to show him as personal like it is possible and which guy in the world collect ran and stimpy stuff or has the same figur
from homer 6 times in the age across the 40 ?

the process know is to cut of these things and we are still in a good mood that this whats happend in the next couple of hours is still as god as before.

13.10.08 08:53

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