cat3 - the diffrent angle

today we watched the footage from alll five taps. quit of interesting,
how our character changed hisself during the docu.
i remember when i first saw him at camberwell market.
probably quite a nice guy - but real strange with his suite and the
typical elvis beard. and alos the voice. wong and kay has been also
arround but they saw these guy the week before. but anyway.
as we was sitting in his room and he felt so uncomfterabel during his talk
about his past life and about his brother who died in 2000 its not
these strange person from the first time otherwise he changed his profile
or more his communication skills with other persons, speciel to us,
because i think he knows as much as we do: the camera do record the
good and the bad stuff, whats happend in front of the lens.
he can probably outwit us, but not the tape, who is rolling.
and thats it, was i was thinking about the time i watched him at the
capture session today.
probably most of the time in this moments when he talks about his life.

"god sad i should do this. its not my choice - its his choice. and what
about talent. not all the people likeed jesus - but since he is death all
the guys praying more than before with his name. "

if you listen to this words carefully, its a little bit shocking because you
feel the pain and you feel the ignorance from the people who do not
support him. but why? becuase brandon is not elvis? brandon is not
jesus? brandon is more like ..... brandon.

24.9.08 09:56

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