kick off

happy hippo sunday in melbourne and i was on the way at 9am to have another date with elvis.
yes! u right. elvis is still alive!
but he chanched his name in to brandon and is know in camberwell on of these guys, which are there since more than 15 jears.
but these days it was one of these days its better u stay in the bed.
we have meet us in the front of safeways with thomas and wong.
than we walked through the market but there was no elvis or anywhere else who looked like him.
okay - many strange people but not brandon
strange people like singing dogs in the channel 7 morning show.
should i write about strange people? better not.
anywhere. we also asked guys arroun, who may can know our guy.
we chated with some people and everyone knows him.
than someone said, we should asked some one from the rotary club. the rotary club organized the market.
the president told a lot about the market and whats arround. but as we speciallized our questions about the elvis guy he said today he is kickt off from the market because personal problems.
okay - just another quick look arround. which people havent here pp?
STOP! hands down! thx
so we walked arround and hopefully we can find another guy who can tell us more about him.
we found eric from the rotary club. he told us a lot of stuff.
and after this i was sure that elvis is not a normal person.
like the other guys around ....

28.8.08 03:11

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