New recording by Son of a Plumber

Son of a Plumber has, together with Per Gessle, recorded the new theme song for Swedish TV program "Boston Tea Party." "Boston Tea Party" is a show about finding strange things out, like how human flesh tastes like…

"Many will see this as a new chapter of Per Gessle's musical career. I can't place this tune in a genre, but it sounds like how it would look when riding a limo through New York way too fast," says Fredrik Wikingsson, one of the show's two hosts.

The tune is called "Shopping With Mother" and will be premiered at the end of November. What's even better is that the tune will be released as a double A-sided single together with two remixes by Voz Vibrante. Voz Vibrante is a pseudonym for Erik Hjärpe, from the band Damn!, you can find some of his work at MySpace. Voz has remixed "Shopping With Mother" in two different versions - the Voz Vibrante remix and the Mother's Dub by Voz Vibrante.

Voz's style of music is fast fusion and electric funk, while the tune itself can be described best as a cross between a '60s Bond theme with some Star Trek and general '60s pop in it. Does it sound crazy? It is.

The double A-sided single will be released November 28, with "Pratar med min müsli" as the other A-side.

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